Humor Writers Wanted

If you’ve been known to tickle someone’s funny bone, you may be interested in this opportunity.  The Scrib is looking for writers who are funny, witty, awesome and bold.  No articles to be submitted, just your ideas.  If they like your idea for a funny article, they’ll contact you and work with you in writing it.  You can learn more about this opportunity and apply for this humor writing gig here.



  1. fast car says:

    A fellow blogger here, found your site via CMS Made Simple, and I have a
    piece of advice: write more. Honestly, it appears like you depended on the video to drive your point home.

    It’s obvious you know a lot, so why not use your knowledge to write something more significant and leave the video as something secondary (if there at all)?
    fast car´s last [type] car

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