Family Financial Responsibility 101


Moving, even with the best of intentions and the proper preparation, is an expensive process. It’s a stressful process and, if you play your cards right, you can turn it into a learning experience for your kids. As a parent you already know that everything you do sets an example for your children. So why not take this opportunity and teach your kids how to be financially responsible when moving from one location to another?

You can start by showing them how to cut basic expenses, like moving your things yourself instead of hiring movers. Hiring movers is a luxury that many people wish they could afford but by moving things yourself you reduce your moving costs considerably. There are lots of affordable moving truck rental companies out there like U-Haul and Budget.

You can reduce these costs even further by using coupons and promo codes on your Budget Truck Rental. Have your kids sit with you as you research moving truck rental prices. Show them how to do things like look up a Budget Truck Rental promo to help you save as much money as possible.

Spring for the plastic storage boxes when you pack instead of buying moving boxes. This might feel counter-intuitive since you’re trying to teach your kids to be as budget conscious as possible when moving, but think about it. The plastic and rubber storage containers can be used over and over again, which is helpful if you move a lot. They can be stacked up inside each other so they won’t take up tons of space after you unpack them. You can also use them to keep things stored safely while you aren’t using them which, if you have to rent a storage unit, can give you real peace of mind.

Help your kids learn to sort through their belongings and get rid of the things they don’t use and that don’t have sentimental value. This is often hard for very young kids, but your older kids will understand where you’re coming from. Show them how paring down helps to reduce the amount of packing they actually have to do.

Ask your kids to help you organize the things you decide to get rid of to be sold in a yard sale. A great incentive here is allowing your kids to keep the money their former possessions bring in. Whatever doesn’t sell can be donated—let your kids choose where their things should be donated (children’s wings at hospitals, youth shelters, etc). Seeing their former possessions going to places that appreciate and will use them well can ease the sting of having to get rid of it in the first place.

There are lots of things that you can do to help your kids both learn to be good movers and learn to move as affordably as possible. Your kids might even have ideas of their own!


$200 Diaper Giveaway

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Sleeping Tips We Can Get From Children

If the stresses of adult life are taking its toll on your ability to sleep soundly, there are 3 tips we can learn from children to aid a better night’s sleep:

1.)    Eat well, sleep well:

Eating a meal or a bed-time snack containing white meat, fish, some red meats, dairy and soy products will be high in tryptophan, which will release the feel-good chemical serotonin, helping you relax and reducing insomniac tendencies. Conversely, avoid foods such as cheese (yes, it really does affect your sleep!), pork, soy sauce and even raspberries before bedtime, as these contain tyramine, which releases a chemical called norepinephrine which is a brain stimulant, and will keep you awake for longer at night.

Sugar, alcohol and caffeine will also stimulate the brain and heart, causing over-activity and an inability to get to sleep quickly or even at all.  So cut out sweets, chocolate, tea, coffee, beer and red wine at night. Instead, have a nice hot drink of milk before bed. The warmth will help soothe and calm you, like a baby’s bottle lulls a child to the land of Nod.

2.)    Child’s Play:

If you’re drowsy after dinner, do something gently stimulating like mild exercise, otherwise having a doze will impact your sleep when it’s time for bed. Alternatively, don’t stay up too late even when you’re tired, it would be much better to get an earlier night. You’ll wake up feeling fresh and more able to function properly in the day.

If you’d prefer to read use a soft light to read by, as a harsh light will stop you from relaxing, or listen to a recording of your favourite book. Just like how you used to love a story at bedtime or listening to audiotapes as a child to help you drift off.

3.)    Dream on:

Do ensure that you choose a mattress which is relevant to your size. Children usually have a single bed, so adults should invest in a double mattress, as being confined in a bed to small will be uncomfortable, and you need room to stretch and relax your joints and muscles, and move around as you sleep. Having someone, or something to cuddle in bed, even if it’s an old teddy bear, creates feelings of safety, security and love, much like it did as a child, which will ensure a peaceful snooze.

You’ll be sleeping like a baby again in no time!


Educational Toys: Surviving the Digital Age

With so many new toys available from iPad apps to interactive robots, deciding what your child would like best is a complicated matter. Not only this, but deciding what would be best regarding development and learning for your child is just as tough. Although, the many iPad apps boost learning and have great interactive capabilities, it still seems a little wrong for a 5 year-old to be sat in front of a computer screen all day.

Play has been proven to be a very important part of a child’s younger years: it is important that, although they may think it’s just a game, you secretly know it’s helping them to develop a number of skills.

Although we’ve reached a digital age where everyone has the latest tablet and mobile phone, it doesn’t necessarily mean the toys from the past have been forgotten. A prime example of one of the classic toys keeping up with the future is Lego. Lego is still on the most wanted list by many children. Its range has grown from solely free-building blocks to specified blockbuster movie sets, to having online capabilities and interactive features. It certainly has kept up with the times.

Recently, one of the most successful series has been Lego City, a huge hit with not only children but adults too. Part of it are more specified sets which build up to make a police station or mine and many other city constructions. Most of them have moving parts which allow children to continue playing with the set even once it has been built. The great thing about these sets is that you can add to the city by buying a new set, leading to longer hours of playtime which will develop your kids’ imagination and dexterity.

Maybe try thinking twice before buying a tablet or computer for your youngsters: sometimes sticking to what you know is best.

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